Pensions and divorce

These pages are designed to provide information about options and alternatives you have with yours or your partner's pension provision.

If you decide to divorce, a solicitor will be able to advise you and guide you through the process. A good lawyer will outline your options at every stage and give you the information to make your own decisions, but they are not authorised to provide advice on pension arrangements, this has to be provided by suitably qualified IFA practice such as Personal Investment Partnership Ltd.

The financial advisers role: - We work alongside the matrimonial solicitor acting, usually on behalf of one party only but sometimes acting for both parties.

Pension sharing was established by the WPRA (Welfare Reform and Pension Act) 1999.

The WRPA applies to a member's pension rights in divorce and nullity of marriage but not judicial separation and is a legally enforceable settlement from the 1 December 2000. From this date pension sharing allows occupational pension schemes such as final salary pensions, personal pension, stakeholder pensions, S2P and the state earnings related pension scheme (SERPS) to be divided between the parties. However, pension sharing does not apply to the state basic pension.