Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPP) & Small Self Invested Pension Schemes (SSAS)


SIPP/SSAS are for individuals that want to either manage or have greater control over their own pension fund assets; a SIPP/SSAS will allow this option. SIPP/SSAS operate on a similar basis to insured personal pensions with access to collective funds, except that the Inland Revenue also allows direct investment in UK and overseas quoted securities as well as commercial property. If you have a Stockbroker and wish him to arrange the investments, this can be facilitated within certain rules.

The main advantage of SIPP/SSAS, for some individual investors or partnerships, is the ability to purchase their own commercial property that will then be leased back to the individual, partnership or company or for those with large funds where the cost of running a SIPP can prove top be lower than holding similar funds in a Insurance Company personal pension plan. The annual fees within the Insurance Company Personal Pension are based upon a percentage of the value of the fund, where as there is normally a fixed annual fee within a SIPP/SSAS.

If you would like further advice or wish to discuss your own individual situation, SIPP/SSAS please contact us.