Long term care

These pages aim to give you a brief background to the issues around Long Term Care and is sourced from information provided by the Chartered Insurance Institute and product providers.

The need for Long Term Care is a growing issue as people live longer and medical advances keep up going longer. Did you know that nursing costs (long-term care) can hit the value of your assets much harder than inheritance tax? The statistics show that 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men will require some form of care at some stage.

The average term a resident spends in care is 4 years, with 1 in 10 spending up to 8 years in a care home(1). With the average cost of a nursing care home in the UK standing at 36,296pa(2) the need to find the best way of funding this care over a longer period is critical.

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You might also find the Government Pensions Service has some useful information.

If you are looking for a care home in your area then the Care Quality Commission (CQC) is a good place to start.

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