Family home

The value of the individual's home, or dwelling normally occupied by the resident, will be disregarded in an assessment of capital:-

  • For a 12 weeks disregard period
  • If care is expected to be temporary
  • Where they have an interest in a property that is the main and sole residence of an estranged or divorced partner, who has a dependent child and is a lone parent.
  • If a spouse or relative over the age of 60 still lives in the property. The same also applies if an incapacitated relative or child under the age of 16 continues to live in the property.

The local authority has a discretionary power to ignore the value of an individual's home where they consider it reasonable to do so. For example, where a friend has cared for the individual prior to them requiring a permanent position in a care home. The social security office has no discretion when assessing entitlement to benefits.

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