Enduring Power of Attorney

You can no longer effect and Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) as they have been superseded by Lasting Powers of Attorney on 1st October 2007. All existing EPA's written before 01/10/07 are still legally usable documents until superseded by a Property and Affairs Lasting Power of Attorney

Enduring Powers of Attorney (EPA) allow you to retain control over your own affairs but confers powers, which can be general or restricted to an attorney, individual or joint, of your own choice to run your affairs in the event that you loose the mental capacity to act on your own affairs and have to go into a care home or be cared for at home.

In order to qualify as an enduring power of attorney, the following requirements need to be met:

  • it has been established whilst the individual has full mental capacity;
  • the individual is aged 18 or over and is not bankrupt;
  • it satisfies the conditions of the Enduring Power of Attorneys act 1985, e.g. it uses proscribed documentation;
  • the attorney must register the enduring power of attorney with the court of protection when they believe the individual has lost, or is starting to lose, their mental capacity.

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