Some frequently asked questions

What happens if I leave everything to my husband or wife?
Anything that you give during your lifetime or leave on your death to your husband or wife is completely free of inheritance tax, but both of you must be domiciled in the UK.

Is inheritance tax payable on gifts or bequests to charity?
No. All outright gifts and bequests to UK registered charities are completely free of inheritance tax.

If my estate is more than the threshold, how is inheritance tax worked out?
If the value of your estate is above the threshold, then inheritance tax is payable. However, the following are exempt from inheritance tax:

  • anything you leave to your husband or wife
  • anything you leave to a UK registered charity, and
  • any bills outstanding at your death, including your funeral expenses.

Can my estate be settled before inheritance tax is paid?
No, the inheritance tax has to be settled before your estate can be wound up.